December 30, 2016

The Future Is So Last Year

John writes …

I am a massive fan of Charlie Brooker. Though not so much of his TV series ‘Black Mirror’. (Let’s call them highs and lows … but … that said … someone in China has definitely been paying attention.

China has created a social tool named Sesame Credit which gives people a score for how good a citizen they are. The system measures how obediently citizens follow the party line, pulling data from social networks and online purchase histories.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out the first episode of Series 3 of Black Mirror.

Graham responds …

Guess you missed “White Christmas,” then – twisty and swervy as these things come, with the highly-talented John Hamm. And having now seen more episodes of S3, it gets even better. Also, did you see this?

John gets right back …

Actually, it was that particular video that originally alerted me to Charlie’s brilliance. And still as relevant. I will go fond White Christmas. Admittedly - not watched all of Black Mirror - but Episode 2 of series 1 was definitely designed to test ones’s loyalty.


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