April 28, 2021

It Could Be So Much Worse


Photo Credit : Brittney Burnett

Two and a half weeks into this process, so far so good. Sure - there are bad days - but there are also good ones. And when the bad ones happen, I don’t have to look far to find people fighting a much harder battle. Not just with the kind of cancer, how much cancer, how long they have been fighting it … the stories of strong positive people abound.

Take this video of the artist Tracy Emin talking about her fight just last year.

But one even closer to home … a young lady I met just last week.

  • 32 years old, single and had to leave her 4 children at home ( the eldest is 18 - let that sink in for a few minutes ).
  • Home is an entirely different country … a couple of thousand miles away.
  • Her mother died just three days before she flew out of the country.
  • She is here all by herself, staying in a local hotel.
  • This is her sixth week of treatment .. chemo and radiotherapy every day.
  • Ovarian cancer.

Through all of that … smiling, staying positive and willing herself to win this battle.


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