March 17, 2021


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B-Tribe, or The Barcelona Tribe of Soulsters, is a musical project of the German-born musicians and producers Claus Zundel, Markus Staab and Ralf Hamm (“The Brave”), who are also known for their Sacred Spirit project. Driven by the use of classical Spanish guitar and other elements of flamenco music, in particular, using a direct mix from a prerecorded CD simply entitled Morente-Sabicas “Nueva York-Granada by world renown musicians; vocalist, Enrique Morente accompanied on guitar by Sabicas… mixed with trip hop-like ambient tunes. All the albums were recorded in Zundels’s own studio on Ibiza, Spain. Spanish musician Paco Fernandez plays guitars and cello parts are performed by Frankfurt Radio Orchestra member Eric Plummetaz.


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