June 12, 2019

SIX Microbloggers already contributing to Just Good Music … and more to come.

Nice to see Just Good Music contributions already from SIX Microbloggers;

@hollyhoneychurch | @joejenett | @JohnPhilpin | @simonwoods | @stefp | @BestofTimes 

…. and three more registered. Very much looking forward to what they have to say when the time comes. The variations of music already spans, pop, rock, progressive, hip hop, cross over CandW …

The Home Page As Of June 12th 2019

If you want to find a particular person’s posts, we are building the index here.)

I am also intrigued by a thread that @jacob started here.

Time Zone repost: Poll: if you’re a musician 🎵 (play an instrument 🎸🎷🥁🎹, sing 🎤, write 🎼, produce or anything related), professionally or as a hobby, please reply with what you do and a link, if you want to share. I’ll then collect and post a summary.


There are already a number of comments in there that clearly demonstrate that we don’t just have some great music listening going on - but we also have some great music playing going on …. I count singers, including a professional classical Tenor, a harpist, a saxophonist, pianist/organist, and quite a few guitarists.

I am hoping that some of their own work will eventually be featured here.

Onwards. Enjoy.

🎧 🎵 archive.justgoodmusic

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