June 25, 2018

Blue Boxes …

… are nothing to do with The Blue Man Group …

Blue Man GroupBlue Man Group

… and everything to do with Hacking. I was introduced to John Draper (Captain Crunch) a few years ago. He’s still around, though sad to say he seems to have got caught up in a few ‘problems’ that seem to be taking out so many men. But even before that, he didn’t seem to be that ‘clean’ anyway … adding prison sentences, fraud and forgery to the rap sheet. That said - I am reminded of the old line that my friends and colleagues from Defy have …

‘the only difference between you and a prison inmate is that they got caught.’

And. When I met ‘The Captain’, he seemed a nice enough guy. So when 512 Pixels article on The Blue Box earlier this year referenced ‘The Captain’ at the opening of the article, my attention was grabbed. The second reference reads;

”Bill Claxton was apparently present on the day that Wozniak met the infamous phone phreaker, Captain Crunch. So our box has a great backstory.

And then nothing more said about The Captain. So what was the backstory? I wondered if The Captain is being edited out of history. It started with the statues, moved onto actors, directors and a whole host of other people and is continuing - even in California. Don’t get me wrong … this is not to condone any bad behavior by anyone - but I do think we need to be careful about who we cull and why we cull - how else will we learn from history? Not to say that Captain Crunch is really that big a name … but he is nick-named after the [cereal whistle]and was part of the story that launched Jobs and Woz and if he isn’t important - why call him out at the beginning referencing a ‘back story’? Maybe the editor just ran out of space? Or maybe its just the usual sloppy editing that is so prevalent these days?


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