September 22, 2017

It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

As you might imagine, producing such an organ of depth and breadth as this particular publication is no mean feat. We are often never asked how we do it … but heh - since we are the chaps - thought we would share anyway. Don’t tell anyone, but we have a very sophisticated collaborative process - it’s called email. Side note - we don’t care what The Zuck says - email is the first and still the largest social network on the planet. Still, back to the plot. This morning, this chap got a contextually relevant, system alert (that’s what you people call an email) that indicated that a post was pending and needing my attention. Needless to say - this chap got right onto it. After his coffee, slice of toast and his morning exercise stretch. He read the content, excellent as always. When the other chap extracts said digit, he really is rather good. But. But - there was a sense of ‘surely we have commented on this before’ sense. (sic). But, this chap ploughed on, came up with a suitable response and readied himself for the riposte, clicking through to start the edit and situation confirmed … we had published it back in April. Still, having researched - thought I would add my words anyway … go take a look.

Let it just be said, though, that part of the secret of using email is sending the right message. (Actually, the secret of lots of things…) Turns out this Chap had included the wrong URL in the notification - was meant to be this one. Oh well.



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