August 27, 2017

Three Things

All From Dave Winer

Sometimes he just hits it ….

Everyone should know how to run a web server

I know what he means - but wow - when you come to understand that most people don’t know how to use Word or EMail properly - that is one hell of a stretch …. but yes - definitely a goal. I have don’t that - as a learning function. It still sits there … though I no longer put content there …. sorry Dave. (It was his software I installed and continue to run).

I’ve been advocating teaching journalism students to run servers. because it’s so central to freedom of the press these days, to not be controlled by techies. And techies love to control users. If the journalists knew what was possible and weren’t scared of running a server, they might be able to just do things for themselves without waiting for permission. I’ve seen very powerful things created with gutsy users who didn’t like to hear NO from devs. ;-)

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The inadequacy of online payments

It is amazing that after twenty years - this is still a problem. I have my own problems - no single place to point the finger - it is everywhere.

She had to spend the money at Amazon in the US, which meant shipping costs to the UK would have been huge. They didn’t say this up front, or I would have used Amazon UK to give the gift. We’ve been using the web for commerce for 20 years. These glitches should have been worked out long ago.

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This one was so good - it is getting it’s own post.


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