August 2, 2017

Maps Of Your Home Will Be Sold

But it gets worse …

… because, with those maps will be all kinds of information about you, your family and how you all move in and around your house. As Nathan Yau writes …

But does the general public care? I don’t think they do. It seems like they don’t.

This is from September 2015 …

iRobot Brings Visual Mapping and Navigation to the Roomba 980

NO - the public don’t care. They actually have no idea it is happening at all - and so Roomba and its ilk will continue down their path and continue to get away with it until they are stopped … I am not holding my breath. Gizmodo’s take.

Maybe that doesn’t unnerve you, but it probably should. This is all part of the larger quest for a few major companies to hoover up every bit of data about you that they can. Now, they want to know all about your living space. Going through the iRobot terms of service, you can see just how much data is already being collected on a daily basis just by clicking like on a Facebook page or visiting a corporate website. And that data will likely be just as insecure tomorrow as it is today.


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