July 12, 2017

It’s Net Neutrality Day

Make Sure Everyone Knows

Curiously, some of the people I think SHOULD be supportive of Net Neutrality are not …

Just Amongst The Dave’s

Here’s Dave Winer on why he thinks Net neutrality is an issue for a set of big companies relative to another set. Users don’t have a reason to support one … … I don’t agree, but there are other views - Dave Weinberger on why he thinks Net neutrality still matters. A lot.

Net neutrality regulates the organizations that provide access to the Internet — to our Internet — to make sure that they do not play favorites.

Net neutrality is not a layer on top of the Internet. It is not a regulation place on the Internet. It is the Internet, as Doc Searls and I explained way back when in a post called World of Ends. Tell the FCC that this matters to you. < p class=“attribution”>Dave Weinberger

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