July 26, 2017



In Business … Not Just Architecture

I published this to BizCatalyst recently … the essence being that in America it seems to this Englishman that there is a long standing tradition of using facades to so many office and house designs, to make them appear ‘grander’ than they are. Even barns when you look around. I compared that thinking to business and found some worrying things. So, ask yourself these questions about your business …

  • Do we manage for shareholder value or customer value?
  • How can there be long term thinking when we measure quarterly?
  • Do we put as much effort into employee experience as we do customer experience?
  • Command and control is a dying concept – why do we continue to celebrate it in business?
  • Why is the staff of a company seen as a liability, not an asset?
  • What do we measure and why?
  • Why do we celebrate diversity – but enforce homogeneity?
  • If quality is truly measurable, why don’t we measure it?

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