July 23, 2017

Apple Pay

It’s Simple Isn’t It?

You are in a grocery store and while your goods are being checked out by the cashier, you ‘wave’ your phone at the terminal and done … right? Well, only if you make the right choices that are actually all outside of Apple’s control.

  • Did you put your phone near the terminal or do you need to touch it?
  • When you did that - did you aim towards the bottom of the machine or towards the top?
  • Has the cashier set the terminal to accept your payment in advance?
  • Regardless - did the store system accept it - or is that one of the earlier steps failed?
  • Try again … better?
  • Ok - accepted. Yes?

Yes and then you start to walk out … not so fast.

  • How much was the bill? Because that decides whether you need to sign or not … it varies from store to store.
  • Oh and was that a debit or credit card? Check the box please.

The problem is that just layering Apple Pay on top of existing systems doesn’treally improve the customer experience … I wonder when it will be fully integrated to provide a totally seamless experience.

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