June 9, 2017

I Feel Sorry For Wisconsin …

.. and Georgia actually. Wisconsin? Well take a look at the map. But Georgia? Turns out that Google are highlighting the fact that they can’t spell ‘Gray’. Well now - along with the stuff us chaps have rambled on about in the past - sometimes it is difficult to apply global rules to local issues. Maps for example - where this was also referenced … As English chaps - we would argue that Gray is a perfectly good way to spell Gray - and Grammarist agrees with us.

Gray and grey are different spellings of the same word, and both are used throughout the English-speaking world. But gray is more common in American English, while grey is more common in all the other main varieties of English. In the U.K., for instance, grey appears about twenty times for every instance of gray. In the U.S. the ratio is reversed.

I know - I know … Georgia is in America - but really if you really think that only American should be spoken in America - then why on earth do you all insist on pronouncing and spelling every other language’s words as that country would. But when it comes to speaking English - well American is right? I mean - I know it is exaggerated - but don’t tell me that you don’t know people who do some subset of this - if you don’t - just watch the international news … - yet ask your average American to pronounce Edinburgh let alone ‘Worcestershire sauce’.

See what I mean?

And even in one’s own country… This Chap used to work as an analyst for a telemarketing firm, in pre-computer days. All records handwritten. And some of the most common entries were the enigmatic “Def.” and “Indef.” On inquiring what this meant, Chap was told it was because the callers had difficulty deciding where the “a”s went – in the word “Definite”…

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