March 13, 2017


Which got this chap to wondering about …

… Nicola Sturgeon’s announcment today, where she has confirmed she will ask for permission to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence. Bottom line, ‘we’ in Scotland voted to stay with the EU - if England wants to leave the EU - we should just double check with our people that they are good to go aswell - or prefer to leave England and stay with EU.

Of course, the curious thing about that, is that one of the reasons that those North of ‘the border’ want independence from ‘London’ is that

they don’t feel very well represented in that far off land.

And this chap happens to believe that one of the reasons England voted to opt out of Europe is because

they don’t feel very well represented in that far off land.

.. so you can see why this chap is a tad confused.

Meanwhile, if Nicola’s premise is right and that because the situation has changed significantly, the fair people of Scotland should have a second crack at the vote, then this chap would certainly argue that the English ‘et al’ should also have a second crack at the vote. Afterall - if we are going to leave without Scotland and of course all the other things we took as given that even if we left we would still have … like trade and freedom of ‘trans-border employment’ - well then ‘by gum’ - maybe we want to change our minds… not to mention that we might take the vote a little more seriously this time and actually think before voting!.

Bottom line - note the name of the sub in the cartoon. That is real ! It is well documented across the internet (if that is possible) that the Brits regularly upset online polls - like voting overwhelmingly to name a new marine research vessel ‘Boaty McBoatface’. In the end, the vote was overturned by authorities … but the remote operate sub was named same in honor.

This chap was wondering if the voters who voted to leave the EU treated that vote in the same way. Viz-a-viz - as a ‘bit of a larf’.


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