March 3, 2017

Sure Ain’t Duelling Banjos …

… but, as Graham notes, ’twill have to do …

“Humans usually cool down after a few days, but the bots might continue for years,” said a researcher. Some conflicts only ended when one or other bot was taken out of action. Photograph: Nicole Wilder/Syfy/NBCU/Getty Images

Seems about the first thing our future robot overlords do, once they feel the stirrings of power, is to fight each other. (A little like the political left?)

actually on that one - they do it even when they have no power

Wikipedia created bots to correct and clean up their content, but they got a little out of hand. Maybe the fact they can fight each other with their own weapons could be our best hope, long term.

On another note, the Governator quit as host of Celebrity Apprentice, after only 1 season, citing “too much baggage.” Maybe an indication for his predecessor to abandon his own sinking ship, for similar reasons?

This chap feels that …

… the other chap doth dream too hard (if you will pardon the bastardization of a perfectly good quote), but with that said I wonder if the ‘bot coders’ are from  the same team that worked at Microsoft who spent a goodly amount of time developing a tweet bot that turned into a racist ass hole on twitter in less than 24 hours.

This chaps conclusion? Bots are already perfectly mimicking human behaviour.

Oh - and for those of you not of our generation, or musical inclination ….


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