March 10, 2017

Mind Over Matter

It is clear that the human mind is degenerating. Not a specific mind, mind you. No, just minds in general.

Allow this chap to demonstrate …

… through this case in point. It was 1895. It was Chicago. And, bottom line, a court held that

… although a vigintillionth of the property “could not be appreciated by the senses, it is recognizable by the mind.”

Now this chap had never heard of a vigintillionth before reading this, much less knew what it meant, but it is real. Well I mean there is a YouTube video that defines it at least.

This chap (whilst not the sharpest knife in the block is definitely a long way from being one slice short of a sandwich) finds it fascinating that a term that he had never heard of, much less can comprehend, was so readily understood 120 years ago.

With thanks - again - to those wonderful people over at Futility Closet who just keep delivering the goods. (And demonstrates that there is indeed an appetite for this kind of stuff.) BTW - click on the link to understand the source of this rather interesting way of protesting against how land might be used.

In short - I think REM had it ….

The other Chap excogigated for some time on this…

…attempting to think of some witty rejoinder. But in the end had to confess himself jargogled by it.



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