March 21, 2017

Gin And Tonic Pancakes

… apparently, they are a thing. Well … kind of. This Chap stumbled into this particular link over the weekend … and, he has to admit that he was initially ‘psyched’. Until he wasn’t.  His initial thoughts, shared with he that provided the original link.

… you had me at Gin and Tonic Pancakes are a thing … a meeting of two core elements of anyone’s diet neatly packaged into a single consumable offering - I missed the picture and clicked through to ensure it wasn’t #fakenews … it all seemed to be valid and so saved off the page into Instapaper … when I came back … the image caught my eye …. I know right … they say images are needed for engagement … wrong … it’s all in the headline … anyway - back to the image. I noticed something …. to be sure I magnified the image and indeed … there it was … a can of gin and tonic …. being a little nervous, I clicked back to the page … and there it was a single line for a ‘single ingredient’ … a ‘250g gin and tonic can’ ….

I am sure that the problems are immediately apparent - unless you just arrived on the boat - in which case let me enumerate …

  • Gin AND Tonic pre-mixed
  • Gin AND Tonic in a can
  • Gin : 3tbsp
  • Obligatory cocktail umbrella

Now the source of the article is HuffPost Australia - so that starts to explain it …. but the writer .. Rachel Moss .. writes for HuffPost UK. Good grief - what is the old place coming to? Maybe she isn’t English and hasn’t yet caught up?

Oh No

It looks like she is a graduate of the alma mater …. what are they teaching them these days !

Packing up to move house is such a reminisce fest. My dad got me these crazy ass Nikes when I started uni with my grad year written on the inside. Since then they’ve been to dance comps up and down the country and survived 10 weeks of me teaching in them in America. Think it’s finally time we parted ways. So long Youth, it was nice knowing you 🙋#nike #hightops #dance

A post shared by Rachel Moss (@rachellouisemoss) on Jul 1, 2016 at 10:12am PDT

The Other Chap writes…

Now that is really downhill. Of course, G&T has not been the same since the Brits left malaria behind in the colonies. The canned version just epitomizes the decline. Time for a new sundowner, one devised to deal with something really interesting. None of this safety-first pairing with pancakes – how about a traditional Eastern bar snack, such as drunken shrimp? No, not the namby-pamby version served in pretentious steakhouses, but the real Darwinian article… Now there’s a disease vector worth creating a drink for.


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