March 4, 2017

And Another Thing About AWS …

… and their outage. In case you haven’t noticed already, this is what the internet looked like for a while this past week. Well, there wasn’t really much to say at the time, so the chaps shut up even though Amazon has cropped up a couple of times recently here and here where we are beginning the dialogue on the ‘humanity of AI’. And then we read that the outage was actually caused by a human error. Have to say, this chaps ears pricked up a tad because he is old enough to remember that one of the original ‘sales bennies’ of the ‘interwebs’ was that there was no single point of failure. Seemingly, that is no longer the case. Who knew that in 2017 some nameless wonk in Amazon could wrongly type a single character and bring down the internet? This chap didn’t. Apparently neither did Amazon - which is why they are now saying they are going to fix that little wrinkle. (All good - move along - nothing to see here.) But all of that said, this of itself was still not sufficient to cause the noble pen to be put to the paper.

Excuse me. This is a web-site.

Should web site be hyphenated?

File under serious questions that need investigation.

No, what caused this chap to sit up were these two tweets. They are real. Sometimes when two worlds collide, it takes a parody account to make light of it. But … it also raises a question in this chaps mind. The very man that;

  • owns the Washington Post
  • is competing with Elon in the ‘race to space’
  • is responsible for more commerce than can be good for a single person through Amazon and
  • via AWS will soon own a lot of the infrastructure that powers the world

… is also responsible for having robot devices embedded in our homes recording our every word so that his engines can deliver stuff to us … automatically. BUT. But for important stuff - he still uses humans … fallible as they might be. Or - maybe there is a reason …..


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