February 9, 2017

With Apologies For The Retro Blogging Style ..

… but when one finds even the local evening paper in York (that’s England) … making fun of ‘the special relationship’ … you kind of know we’re onto something.

Oh … and lest we be accused of bias …  we always seek to be ‘fair and balanced’ (at least as much as other far more famous news sources), so borrowing their tag-line seemed appropriate, allow me to present Steve Bell’s cartoon with the roles reversed. [Original]

Graham adds, reflexively…

…that it seems well-balanced. Certainly, if they fall, they fall together.

John observes …

…that it looks like Steve Bell is suggesting that they might already have fallen - if not for each other. Maybe not forever. But. But - at the very least in an ‘arranged engagement of convenience’.


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