February 23, 2017

The Art Of The Possible …

… did you know that there were so many books called ‘The Art of The Possible’.

This chap didn’t …

… moreover, none of them is the book that he thought he was thinking of.  But let’s put that aside for a minute. This chap was more taken by this single quote

Imagine that you are falling into a bucket of red paint that then morphs you into an octopus where you can then exit a room through a door and fall into the bucket of red paint again.

Jaron Lanier

and the resultant conclusion that a good friend of his came to  …

… which is to say that if we have the capacity to make ourselves believe that’s real, then what are the true bounds of possibility?

Yet Another Chap

Mind appropriately boggled, but not so badly that he couldn’t provide a link to a great song from Starship’s Red Octopus.

The Other Chap commented …

It couldn’t be, could it – and speaking of reverse engineering – that this really arose from the Other Other Chap finding a couple of fun clips that just begged to be blogged? Nothing wrong with that, and not that this Chap has never done it – acknowledging also that the blog is pretty insatiable –

– once you board that (unfortunately, not-so-far-gravy train) …

Again, nothing wrong with that, but why not just post Red Octopus anyway?

This Chap did not just post …

… the Other Other Chaps couple of fun clips. No sir. This Chap happens to be part of an email list that the Other, Other Chap is also on. Of course, since the Other Chap is not on said list then the Other Chap would not be aware of the connection betwixt This Chap and the Other Other Chap. But - to quote the Other Chap … ‘nothing wrong with that’ As to why not just post Red Octopus, this Chap wrote the initial post under the title ‘The Art Of The Possible’ which Jaron Lanier expressed through his postulation of a Red Octopus in a loop. Which the Other Other Chap considered and realized that this truly does make you take a ‘double looksee’ at what is actually possible. And then this Chap thought that this might indeed be a Miracle - which triggered the track from Red Octopus. At least, that’s how this Chap sees it.


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