February 9, 2017

Enough’s Enough


John just read …

… this, and felt rather more than a little annoyed.

Having been a consumer of the beer beverage for many a year, an early member of CAMRA, a share holder in Black Sheep and at times seemingly single-handedly propping up the entire microbrew industry here in California, he does get a little upset when those bearded gentlemen start messing around with beers producing such questionable delights as a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Porter, an Avocado Honey Ale or a Key Lime Pie.

These should all be filed in the ‘just because you can - doesn’t mean you should’ drawer of your nearest filing cabinet. That said, John does not eschew all such experiments - having a particular liking (for example) of Maui Brewing Company’s Coconut Hiwa Porter.

So yes - experiment away - but please do not automatically release them.

So - as I say … on reading that someone has developed a new beer kit that …

.. contains everything needed to insert a green fluorescent protein from a jellyfish into any kind of brewing yeast. Brew up some beer (or Zayner’s preferred spirit, mead) using the engineered yeast, and voila, you’ve got beer that glows

I wonder if only now can we begin to understand the prescience of Cream .

Graham adds, thirstily…

Strangest thing about glowing beer? You could miss the effect unless you were looking for it, as even the article notes. Sounds a little fishy to this Chap. Maybe it plays well with a certain type of investor.

Meantime, spot of Cream Stout, anyone? Served in a White Room?

Graham adds…

Could be a lot worse, though. Stanford U. recreated an ancient beer recipe which, as they said was….

..not like a beer in the sense that we see, like, a Heineken or a Tsingtao beer. It’s like a porridge… - a thick beverage that is low in alcohol but rich in nutrients with a sour and sweet flavor

Breakfast of champions, you could say. If you had to. But that’s another thing …

John wryly observes …

… that we are getting on pace … very much liking the self-referential conclusion that Graham just made. Not to mention that ‘double-appendage’.

And Another Thing …

Did I mention Maui earlier on? I did? Well then … again … picking up on this just because you should stuff. Have a gander at this.


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