February 3, 2017

A Dearth, Or A Plethora?

Graham seems to be stuck …

… both on and by an undertaking we chaps gave ourselves, and later reaffirmed, that this small missive would aspire to be lighter, more cultural, and definitely not be about being rude about the new occupant of the White House. Much. Often. In a day. Like this.

Which sounded great, at the time. Hardly even idealistic, really. Then came the reality. And, goodness, everywhere one turns it’s POTUS, POTUS, POTUS. Oh, for a few desperately awful movies to discuss; perhaps some abstruse part of techco economics or management. Maybe one of us should buy a cute pussycat and post pictures, just to lighten the thread and keep up the viewership – indeed, other internet folks seem to have done just that, in despair.

But we have more integrity than that. So here’s a leaked video (from robot maker Boston Dynamics) of about the only thing Graham has seen recently that frightens him more than POTUS – d’oh, you see how easy it is to go there?

All it lacks is the red cap and tie –  and there we go again… It’s difficult, we tell you.

John adds …

… this is why I am quiet.


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