December 21, 2016

Theresa May One-Ups Putin

John opines …

… I am not a fan of leather trousers unless you are going to a fancy dress party. Private Eye spotted this and delved into both price and whether or not ‘leathers in the commons’ were indeed de rigour?

I think the Tories have long been wearing their leathers - just maybe not as visibly as our Theresa is. More shall we say behind the closed doors of the London Clubs. I am wondering if there is something even deeper at work. Maybe Theresa reads The Daily Kos - and is trying to one up Putin before Trumpet takes over.

Graham suggests that

.. it takes a special sort of talent to put together and wear a leather-based outfit that gains nothing at all from its associations. Like a red dress, by implication it calls for a little panache… and panache has left the building.


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