March 29, 2016

Historical Accuracy [UPDATED]

The Gift That Keeps Giving.

This post from a couple of days ago was written in response to some responses I got re this post - and lo - a new one in today that is tangential to the thread - but reminds us all of the importance of facts.

If you recall one commenter wrote

Innocents being vaporized in an airport departure lounge or a Srebrenica-style massacre at a death metal concert is a lot different than desultory, one-on-one gang/domestic/criminal/police etc., violence.

Guilty. Too much focus. So tuned to the main topic of the threads I completely overlooked the inaccuracy of that statement, which I was reminded of just this morning. There was no death metal concert in Paris - it was a band called ‘The Eagles of Death Metal’, who are actually absolutely nothing to do with Death Metal in any shape nor form.

For the record the happy go lucky pop sound of ’The Eagles of Death shared here for posterity …

 For a pop band they are just fine, though a little bland for my personal taste.

Also, as an added thought, I am guessing that even the Paris terrorists knew that it wasn’t a Death Metal concert. This is a more typical audience of a Death Metal event …

The image below replaces an earlier image I used - see this post for more information.


Source : Horroclix

… even the most hardened Jihadists might think twice about attempting to penetrate such a crowd. I think they knew this band. Nice and light - and much more Americana than Death Metal - a perfect target.

Their lead singer later got to hang out with Bono.

Eagles of Death MetalEagles of Death Metal

Rock band Eagles of Death Metal (who were playing at Bataclan when the terrorists attacks took place on 13/11/2015) were invited to play the last 2 songs with U2 during their concert at AccorHotels Arena in Paris, France on December 7, 2015.


I can’t quite imagine (say) Canibal Corpse posing in the same way …

Though Jesse Hughes might be heading more towards ‘Death Metal’ in a slightly different way …

Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes calls for more guns in wake of Paris terror attacks: ‘Everybody has to have them’


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