January 26, 2016

And Another Thing …

Folio wrote a piece with the headline …

Penthouse Folds Print Magazine After 50 Years

Sub Head …

End date for print edition still undetermined as brand plans to focus on digital content.

Of course had Folio (and many others in the media industry) just read the press release, they would have learned that nothing of the sort was planned. So, soon after the news that Penthouse was shuttering - came the ratcheting back - and the clarity. So what’s my gyp ? This is what Folio now has done to that post … Same headline. Same sub-head. And an update just below that 100% contradicts the headline and the sub-head. I think that is called clickl bair. They should be ashamed. Afterall this is their mission (my bold)

Folio: is dedicated to providing magazine publishing professionals with the news, insights, and best practices to keep them in tune with today’s media industry trends.


Source : Folio (http://www.foliomag.com/2016/penthouse-folds-print-magazine-50-years/)

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