June 6, 2019

You Build Bridges From Both Sides


I am often asked what People First is about and how it differs to everything else that goes on in the identity/data/self-sovereign/blockchain … blah blah blah space? I was asked again this morning. I replied, but as so often happens, the essence of the message was not specifically ‘private’ - and so this post emerged.

If you check out The DigLife Collective, The Me2B Alliance, The People Centered Internet, The Internet Identity Workshop, The Indie Web Movement, Human First Tech … even the IEEE to name just a few organizations [efn_note]These organizations are top of mind as I type, there are many more.[/efn_note] that tangentially relate to People First … they all seem to be feeling their way around the elephant and interpreting the trunk, tail, tusk, foot accordingly. Nothing wrong with what they are doing … all focussed on their individual missions.

In my email exchange, I was taken by one phrase;

“It really has to do with bridging that chasm between technology makers and people.”

That idea is often referenced, with variations of actual words used. The meaning is constant. The visual is instant. Or is it?

It dawned on me …

When engineers build bridges, they always build from both sides.

When Building Bridges - You Start From Both Sides

My ah-ha moment … was understanding that the technology makers recognize the need to cross the chasm - but all seem to be building from the ‘Tech Side’. People First is building the bridge from the ‘People Side’.

Does anyone know of any other organization that is building the bridge from the ‘People Side’? I sure would like to talk with them.

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