March 12, 2019

Work - There Has To Be A Better Way.

In their recent Core Intuition podcast, I think @manton and @danielpunkass were touching on - though (IMHO) not getting to two things.

1) Pricing for ‘labor delivered’ against ‘value pricing’.

Bottom line, I really want all companies / corporations / businesses / enterprises to stop employing people based on time … and start paying them on value delivered.

The problem is that to do that, the ‘buyer’ needs to understand what that value is and how it is measured. The old ‘all you did was hit the red button - 20K seems a bit steep’ story pops up in my mind.

I am always thinking this through. Not there yet. But it is one of the People First anchors.

2) Making money while you sleep.

Write a book, code, make an album … and then sell it … allows you to make money while you sleep.

Do a stage play … and you are essentially paid ‘by the hour’ … once the production is completed each day … the seats sold are the seats sold - no more - no less. And out of the income that day, the actors, director, stage hands, back room people, front room people … get paid. (Yes - I know it is more complicated - but that is what it breaks down to.)

BUT. Have those same people make a movie / TV show and residuals, licences, syndication all kick in … money is suddenly made while you sleep.

Working for someone else - you get paid - and when you stop - you don’t.

Working for yourself allows you to build a model to earn money when you aren’t working. As Manton points out, eventually that can dry up, so therein lies the challenge. But not insurmountable.

This connects to their discussion of working for ‘the man’ versus ‘yourself’. Again a People First anchor. If people are no longer working for the largest corporations as they did 50 years ago (and they aren’t), it means they are increasingly working for smaller companies if not themselves and so everything is falling to them to do.

So, if you are no longer the ‘tech spec writer’ for Corporation Y but rather are ‘out on your own’, you are also the Sales department, the Marketing department, the Admin department, the ….. and every minute you spend on doing something that is not generating income is lost opportunity.

It’s a challenge. The population at large is not ready for it. Nobody is trained for it. And so there is a lot of collateral damage … in the past - and it will continue into the future.

People First is working towards highlighting these kinds of issues that are not being discussed in the mainstream and trying to provide solutions to the problems. It’s not easy.

The Vision

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