June 5, 2020

Why You Can’t Seperate Business and Politics

Responding To A Post I Read From a friend on LinkedIN

This is what he wrote.

💯- with one additional thought. We don’t live in neat orderly buckets of space with our work, our three hobbies, 2.4 children etc etc it all merges together in one big giant soup of LIFE. Anyone who believes LinkedIN is not a place for politics doesn’t understand business AND doesn’t understand politics. Partisan elephant versus donkey fluff aside … I mean real politics.

I commend you to read Venkatesh’s Ribbon farm - specifically an article that is now nearly 10 years old : A brief histor of the corporation

The article includes his personal mental model of the human world, which “like physics, can be reduced to four fundamental forces: culture, politics, war and business.”

Needless to say, I have a different take on the visualization of the mental model, but the core of what Venkatesh writes is spot on … IMHO. It’s so good that it takes up a whole chapter in a yet to be published book.

Post Script

In case you are wondering, the book is not the one that is about to come out - it is another one. I know. I know.

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