November 21, 2018

Why I Stopped Listening To ’Tech’ Podcasts

OK. Not completely, but I used to listen to a lot more than I do today. I stopped and was asking myself why. Sure, I remain subscribed, but in Castro when I come to move one from the Inbox into the queue or archive - they are going into archive. A set of connected thoughts have bubbled up. So, if you are a tech topic podcaster, maybe this will help you shape your programs.

  1. Don’t talk about ‘world news’, politics, business … when it is clear that you do not really know of that which you talk about? (I know that, because you constantly remind your listeners.)

  2. If you want to veer off the core topic of the podcast, go ahead - but maybe restrict it to 25% of the total time.

  3. The editing suite is your friend. Why are you forcing me to listen to 150 minutes of you rambling on about stuff that I have no interest in. I ‘tuned in’ because I am interested in your commentary on the topic that your podcast is supposedly about.

  4. Tech is not just the hardware and associated specs. It is software, UI and UX, support, maintenance, upgrades, delight, eco-system …

  5. Your own personal experience is an edge case.


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