February 10, 2021

Why Do You Work?


Photo by AR on Unsplash

I promise, Manton, Daniel and I did not coordinate this - I think sometimes synchronicity just happens.

In last weeks newsletter I asked the question

Why Do You Work?

A reply post will be available this Saturday.

There have been some great answers, but that is not the reason for this post.

Manton Reece - the brain behind Micro Blog 1 and Daniel Jalkut - the brain behind Red Sweater 2 have a weekly podcast called Core Intuition. This week I learned that they have been running their podcast for twelve years. A remarkable feat even of itself. Both of them are independent developers and this week the conversation turned to employment. A really nice discussion between two professionals that wrestle with following their dreams and passions, while balancing the need to put bread on the table.

Have a listen - you won’t regret it and very pertinent to the discussion ‘Why Do You Work’.


1] If you want to see MicroBlog working in the real world, my web site - John.Philpin.Com is powered by MicroBlog.

2] If you want to see Red Sweater working in the real world, that’s a little harder - but Daniel has a superb product called Mars Edit that I am using to write and post this article. Seriously. If you are a Mac user that writes a blog - you should be using Mars Edit.

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