February 28, 2019

What Might Have Been - Or Is?

At least, that’s what Robin writes … personally I see it getting better again with software like Blot where this is published and Micro Blog … to where it is routed, via RSS and IFTTT. The challenge is that as more people do get omto those platfroms there seems to be an increasing push to make them lke the other stuff they are used to.

“I believe that RSS was much more than just a fad. It made blogging possible for the first time because you could follow dozens of writers at the same time and attract a considerably large audience if you were the writer. There were no ads (except for the high-quality Daring Fireball kind), no one could slow down your feed with third party scripts, it had a good baseline of typographic standards and, most of all, it was quiet. There were no comments, no likes or retweets. Just the writer’s thoughts and you.”

“The unhealthy bond between RSS and Google Reader is proof of how fragile the web truly is, and it reveals that those communities can disappear just as quickly as they bloom. However, with that being said, today RSS is alive and well. A vast number of websites still support the syndication formats that fall under the umbrella of what I consider RSS to be.”

Robin Rendle

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