March 1, 2022

Web 3 - Whatever That Is!

Web3 …

To understand what I mean - you might want to check out this earlier post. Meanwhile, on my personal thoughts microblog, I have been collecting a series of links - you can find them here.

Meanwhile, I was thinking that it probably makes more sense to include them on this blog. Thus we have a new living post, starting with that list and expanding - as I find then - below.

Probably the most important blog that relates to this post is

Web3 Is Going Just Great

Added March 11th

World’s ‘First NFT Vending Machine’ Didn’t Work And Neither Did The NFTs

Original Links

Why Web3 matters - by John Henderson - The Idea Exchange

Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs - YouTube

So … what the hell is Web3? With the Chernin Group’s Jarrod Dicker - Recode Media

The New Get-Rich-Faster Job in Silicon Valley: Crypto Startups

Notes on Web3

The Web3 Renaissance: A Golden Age for Content - by Li Jin

Web3’s Instant Rush to Centralization

Matt Birchler summarizing Moxie’s piece


Where’s The Fun

Via Doc Searls …

Kaliya Young

Phil Windley

James Beck

Peggy McCormick


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