December 15, 2018

US Customs and Border Protection Sued Over iPhone Search and Seizure

“An American woman is suing US Customs and Border Protection over what she claims is the illegal seizure and search of her iPhone at Newark airport.”

Ben Lovejoy

The Full Story

My Thoughts

Been watching other shenanigans around this kind of activity for a while now. Quite apart from the seizure being illegal (in my highly non legal mind) … and that is part of a much larger story - this is not just about the physical phone - but the data on the physical phone.

Bottom line, the phone was returned - and the data on the phone was returned - BUT the data was also copied into some government database aswell - that’s the rub.

And remember - this woman is a US Citizen - not just a visitor, where the US government has already decided that ‘your data’ is ‘their data’.

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