May 14, 2020

The TipShitShow

Matt Stoller writing on How the Pandemic Is Launching the Era of Online Platform Regulation.

My Thoughts

We know that Google and Facebook disinter-mediated the media - to such an extent that the media has just about collapsed. U-Eats, Grubhub et al are doing the same to the Restaurant industry. In spades as we move out of our various lockdowns all over the world.
In these times, most restaurants will offer takeout and delivery, because they otherwise need to shut down. The restaurant industry always lived on thin margins, reducing capacity to somewhere in the 50 to 75% of what it was pre COVID means they are unlikely to survive without.
When you order food from one of these restaurants through the tech delivery platfroms - 20,25 even 30 percent of what you paid is going to the delivery platform (note - not person … platfrom).
And don’t even get be going on the ‘TipShitShow’

…. What Are Your Thoughts?


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