October 21, 2020

The People First Community

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Community mind you … not Network - is a yet to be developed space/application that will serve to provide a fabric that wraps so many people, organizations, books, papers, applications etc. My observation is that in any initiative you find parallel organizations that seem to relate and compete and yet essentially are discussing the same topic. Think ‘not-for-profits’ fighting each other for the same funding to solve the same problem.

People First is not the only organization in this space - so in one sense we are another node on the network. No argument. BUT. What https://peoplefirst.community will do is provide a network map of anybody and everybody related to and working with the challenges we are identifying.

Example of a Dynamically Generated Interactive Network Map

No need to click through by the way - nothing there - yet - move along. It for the moment remains the vision.

DigLife and Generative Identity

Once such organization, lead by Philip Sheldrake is The DigLife Collective - of which yours truly is a founder member. Their observation says it all;


DigLife Collective

DigLife has in turn recently spawned another initiative that explores Generative Identity. It’s new thinking that I wanted to capture now. It’s an important message. To me the first time that I am aware of the world of technology that in talking about identity, they are not just talking about the ‘ID’ - but also starting to think of the ‘entity’ of Identity.

For those keeping track, you will recall that it is a significant stone in the People First canon.

ID and Entity are the two sides of Identity

From The Generative Identity Site

Whenever we contemplate human dignity and well-being, social inclusion and equity, economics, education, democratic process, peace and justice, whenever we contemplate many of the sustainable development goals and corresponding targets, we inevitably contemplate the question of human identity in the digital age.

Anyone who has worked on projects in areas such as these will vouch that questions of identity are integral to their research, their analyses, and their designs.

The term generative identity is used to refer to research and thinking and designs that prioritise psychological, sociological, and ecological health in their approach to digital identity. The interdisciplinary working group on generative identity exists to encourage such work and, by corollary, to highlight the innate dangers of approaches to digital identity that do not qualify as generative.


Funny, just today, I published the weekly newsletter referencing a quote from Douglas Adams. There must be something in the ether. Over on the DigLife site, I found this image of dolphins.

Dolphins By Courtnie Tosana

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