October 15, 2020

The Journey


People First has been a winding journey for the last four years. Most recently, I find it has been coming together in my mind very clearly and with that clarity I have been encouraged to talk about what is going on in a more open manner. The interesting thing is that as I have become more open about what I am doing, more questions are being asked.

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A year ago, asking someone to sign up for the newsletter resulted in them either signing up for the newsletter - or not. No questions. No debate.

Today, I still have the newsletter , added a podcast, the book is coming out shortly and now we are beginning to create community - the questions are beginning to flow.

I still don’t understand. What is the mission/goal of the group(s)?

a newsletter reader


What would you say, in three or so sentences, is the hard objective of People First? Not the vague, all singing all dancing “unleashing human potential” nor the activity based “bringing like minds together” etc. What are you (and other participants) trying to tangibly accomplish? This isn’t rhetorical. I am just trying to understand what will change/improve at the coal face as a result of your combined efforts.

a newsletter reader

This post is not to answer the questions … yet. I touched on it in this weeks newsletter - and was specific about that, but here’s the good news. One takeaway for the recurring question is that people are sitting up, listening, they are interested … which from where I sit is all good news.

As one reader wrote …

I believe you are on the verge of an overnight success!!!

I hope he’s right!

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