February 1, 2019

The Dream

I rarely dream. Well to be more accurate, I rarely recall dreams. I wake up and maybe I can remember a little of what was going on … but on the whole not much connects my unconscious world with my conscious.

It was six weeks ago. This one was vivid. I woke up with it spinning in my head. I recalled it instantly. It is still here.

I was playing with numbers …. 54, 52, 51, 63, 58, 65, 64, 50, 54 … (sic)

I was attempting to understand what they meant. My challenge was to connect them, extract meaning. I multiplied them together. Nothing. I added them together. Nada. I tried to build a logical sequence. Zippo. Calculations running through my head. What did they mean? Was it a sequence? If so what is the next number?

It was a puzzler … but I love those kinds of puzzles. They’re in my blood.

I finally got the answer.

⚱️ homage to dad

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