February 2, 2019

The Calls

The First

My mind was spinning. Waking with a start and bells in my head. What are these numbers. I quickly realized it was the phone ringing. The adrenalin kicked in and accepted the call … noting the time … 5:30 am.


“I know it’s early for you and everything is alright - but we wanted to call, since the doctor is here and you can talk with her directly.”

We did. Nothing really to worry about. Lost a lot of weight, Tired, but with the appropriate medication , everything should be fine.

“OK … thank you.”

“So do you think we should move him to the hospital or keep him here?”

“Well, what do you think?”

“Well of course, it is your choice, but right now, we would not recommend moving him.”

“OK - so let’s not move him.”

Decision made.

Too early to get up. Too late to go back to bed.

The Second

”Just calling to let you know that he is very comfortable and responding nicely to the medication.”

“Thank-you for letting me know.”

The Third

A friend of mine had gone over to see him, and called me so we could ‘FaceTime’ together.

It was a short call. Another decision.

⚱️ homage to dad

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