July 3, 2020

Testing Otter.ai

I just recorded the 10th episode of my convocast with Andy Sylvester, In parrallel I ran the file through Otter.ai - this is the raw output - totally uneditied by me - pretty good really !

The Original Convocast is here If You want to compare the transcript with the original


  • The sound quality is not good - I do know that - different problems that I am in the process of fixing …

  • I was talking extemporaneously - unstructured - not with prepared notes - I suspect if I was - it would flow better straight out of the system.

  • There was only me talking - Otter will distinguish between two speakers in a conversation - which would laso make the transcript easier to follow.

  • Otter also automatically tagged the flow with links in the audio to the tags

Try Here to see how that works.

All in all - so far - so good.

The Transcript

You know how bad it is when your partner in crime in this case is the enemy. So there’s two things you one day and says, john, I fully understand. We’re all very busy if you really don’t do the combo class, that’s okay by me. Let’s Let’s move on. And it’s because I’ve taken so long to get back. Yes Andy, I still want to do it. Thank you for the job. All right onwards. Ken, can you believe that Convo cast 10 we have hit double figures. And truly, truly impressed by that. Even though I’m the slow one. And by the way, hopefully you all listen to Comcast nine.

Amazing who knew the hidden talents of Mr. Andy Sylvester ukuleles on ukulele guitarist Event Manager. He’s actually runs talent shows As his workplace who knew he used to perform the ukulele on the podcast for us to walk here. Brilliant, Andy, thank you so very, very much. And now we will truly understand what your questions are outside of what you do on a day to day basis basis when you’re earning your crust and keeping your wife in the custom that we want in the manner of which she wants to become accustomed. Anyway, onwards, Comcast, as they say, and the at the end of his Comcast asked me, well, I’ve answered you, john, so what are your passions? And I think that might be partly why I slowed down because I stopped me a little in my tracks because there was proviso, he said, beyond people first and really truly people first is my passion. That’s why I do it. It’s not what I spent my life doing. And I’m doing it because I love it. And it’s involved in all kinds of different areas that I’m pretty passionate about. So I thought I could just say that but I decided So I decided no, john, you’ve got to come up with something. And he did. So I’m going to. So I started thinking about this. And I realized that over on one of my blog sites, very specifically words.filter.com slash interests, don’t worry, I’ll put it in the show notes. There is a page where I tag basically things that tickles my fancy as I go through life, they have all listed there in the giant tangles. And if you’re interested in what I’m interested in, there’s a tag list for you. But in amongst that, you’ll find things like travel art, literature, movies, theater, reading, writing, photography, those kinds of things. And, and I, I’m not a coder, I will say that I am really interested in things like the indie web site, play around with sort of, you know, with my web mentions and deck things and all kinds of people from the microblog community way and help me thank God because I don’t know where I’d be without them.

And that’s why I enjoy doing it. Punch puttering, it’s it’s puddling. And then I like to engage with people. I enjoy conversation. I like the good wine over coffee, dinner, lunch, whatever, meeting people conversing with engaging, sharing ideas. And as I look down that list as they fall through these kinds of things, you know, the fact that I love music. In fact, I love going to concerts and listening to different musicians in action. I realized that my particular passions could be reduced to three broad churches, if you will umbrellas, which I thought I might go through. One of those. The first if you will, is discovery and exploration just just unearthing things I can lose myself in Wikipedia for quite some time. But I mentioned travel, you know, I like to go to places I’ve not been to before. I like to understand the cultures, the food, the drinks, the people, what’s going on in that country. I’m very interested in the small p politics on what goes on there, how it whatever that country does engage to this neighbors and And then so I discovered the culture of the people I look around next for us to travel with the same thing would happen with a book, I suddenly others the book, and I dive into it and explore it. And if I really like it, I think what else is this person written and go from Reba.

So there’s a discovery and exploration part of my passion, which then connects number two, which is what I’ve done learning and connecting. Learning is pretty much what I’m trying to do with the end where learn, learn, learn as much as I can. And then connecting dots within that learning process. So by that, I mean, you know, so I’ve got my microblog site and I’m learning things around that. I think what else can I do around that I discover David Murphy’s blocks and I get involved with that. I start thinking about this. I connect different ideas together. So I have this web of different things that probably me and my dog go look at from time to time. But for me, it’s a learning exercise and there’s a lot of stuff in there besides curated of yours, and We talked about curating things, right with Him. I think curating curating is a very good thing to do. And it’s useful for me to do that. And then the final part of it is sharing. Let’s call it teaching. Much like, I’m a guitar player, not a guitarist. Pictures, I’m not a photographer. I like to teach with, I’m most certainly not a teacher. Both my parents were teachers, and I fully understand what it takes to be a teacher, what makes a teacher, I am not one of those. But hats off to everybody that can and does.

But if I can, and I bought knowledge that I can impart share with other people to help them along whatever path they’re on, right? And then and I will help as much as I can. So it’s only the third bucket. So discovering exploration, learning, connect and sharing and teaching. And in many ways people first hits all of those, right? So always learning things around the people first world, but what I’m primarily involved in To connecting more and more people into sharing it, and central now trying to build a community of like minded people around that, that will be accelerated when my book comes out in a couple of months. I’m actually sort of going to be launching a podcast around it soon. In fact, I think it’s the middle of August and many shows are going live with the first one. And so I’ve got some pro help on that, that will actually make not only that part better to make my congregation better because you know, I have a right kit. I’ll be better trained and how all this works. So that’s only going to get better. So yeah, I mean, that that, that that connection, I don’t dive into things very, very deeply. So you take the guitar playing, they might my parents wanted me to learn the piano.

In those days when you can also talk to me You did. I wanted to learn the guitar. So we got a guitar and I learnt it. I was proficient I performed on stage at the time, but I never really got deeply into it. I never became a great guitar player by any stretch of the night. But because it was a stringed instrument, I started finding fascination for stringed instruments. So I bought a banjo, learn how that plays, I bought a mandolin and work how that did. I did a school project, which was the history of the stringed instruments. So that’s the connecting part, I think we can find the thing and start moving it along. Likewise, with music, I find a musician I like and enjoy. And from there, I learned other things around it. Some of you might remember a guy called Pete frame back in the 70s. Pete wrote a couple of books called rock family trees, and he took bands like Fleetwood Mac or Jethro Tull. They will take bands in those days, and basically said, yes, these are the personnel. This is where they came from.

This is the way they went to an all hand drawn beautifully in a way that you start to understand how these bands connected together and where they came from. And that’s kind of how I’ve discovered music over the years, right. So I today Roger Waters fan, because he comes from Pink Floyd and Pink Floyd was my go to band in those days, but because of Pink Floyd, I also found out and discovered a seed Wilson and from that a Porcupine Tree and his solo album. And from that, and nazma, and OPEC, and most recently, back to Sweden, and so on. So I explore things I don’t actually always like what I find. But I follow those connections, which again, is going back to the sort of these passions I have, is that the web was invented from the hyperlinks is my life, I find the hyperlink and rather than read the article, I’ll jump through the hyperlink, and then that So anyway, that’s it that there’s a my passions, the connections that drew me a long, long way.

That’s why I love the web. In fact, even even in my book, just thinking about this, my book in acknowledgment section and acknowledging all kinds of different people but 1011 so who are people We’ll be writing good things and referencing my book and helping you promote it, or people I’ve known personally over the years. And the acknowledgement is a story of the connections, how those people relate to each other, as they relate to me what they’ve done for me what I’ve done for them over the years, so even that stuff becomes a story of connections. So anyway, that says that that’s who I am.

That’s that those are my passions. Thank you for asking me. And I guess it makes sense. Last your question. I have one question. Why the hell would you put up with me? Why don’t you kick me around and kick me out? Get somebody’s going to do this on a more regular basis. Now, seriously, here’s my here’s my question for you. COVID is all going to come to an end and you’re going to some point say right, let’s get out of here. You’re going to go on a vacation. Where would you like to go on a vacation to and why? What are you going to do when you get there? How long do you think it might be? I mean, if your vacation to Seattle, it might be a little To visit if your case vacation is to Thailand. So if I’m interested in where to next, we’re all going to emotional COVID at some point for elders and just practice. I’m thinking about traveling at the moment. where’s where’s your next vacation? Look forward to talking to me. Thanks so much for putting up with me. Bye, everybody.

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