March 25, 2021



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Life is moving along. I am now fully bionic with the ability to bypass my mouth when eating. Science is wonderful.

Separately, I have now had a series of scans that captures my head in 3 dimensional space that is then analysed by physicists so that they can calculate the precise xyz coordinates of the tumor (both in itself and where it sits in my throat). Beyond that, looking to understand growth trajectory - historical and potential future. With that knowledge they can then tune the radio beams that they are going to shoot at my head with a range of factors in consideration.

  • Knowing the position of the tumor in my head. - Knowing its size and growth rate.

They can then …

Position the gun at a specific coordinate … to shoot a beam at a specific angle, with a specific power over a specific period of time.

And then repeat that at any number of points as the gun rotates around my head, to maximise efficacy and accuracy of the radiation whilst minimising the amount of radiation to do the job safely.

Thinking about that, my mind boggles.

Even more boggling is that every time I visit … up to around 10 visits so far and I’ve not yet even started my treatment, I complete the same paper forms with the same information each and every time. And each and every time somebody then transcribes that form into a computer so my patient record is up to date.

It’s as if they have never heard of smart phones and iPads let alone digital wallets, databases et al.

See my other commentary and observations here.


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