December 18, 2021

Remember the ‘Semantic Web’?


Don’t you get fed up with the alphabet soup of tech terms that people introduce into our daily conversation?

It gets worse …they then go on to use terms that most people can’t understand to ‘explain’ what they are talking about!

And even when we do get simple language it still doesn’t get there … because we essentially use product descriptions and features and don’t describe the benefits to ordinary people.

Take Web 3.0 .. please!

If you read the interwebs you would think that a new religion came of age in 2021. Google Trends tells a different story.

So when you are next reading about Web 3.0, forget about Crypto, Algorithms, DIDs, Sovereign Identity, NFTs, Wallets, Coins, Blockchains - and all of the rest of it. Just know that IF we get Web 3.0 right … and it is far from clear we will - but if we do …. then it is the start of finally realizing the value that everybody expected back when this web thing started.

I thought this was an interesting little doohickey that you might find an interesting explanation - though I have some issues with a few of them.

Behavioural Advertising for example. God I hope not. I wish it read ‘Intent Casting’ - but that’s an idea that doesn’t seem to have arrived in the mainstream.

And despite Zuckerberg’s best attempts Blogs are not going away.

But more importantly, some of the thinking is just BAU!

One of the most important things I would add is that Web 1.0 was ‘pipes’, Web 2.0 is really all about platforms. Web 3.0 is all about protocols. That’s one of the People First Tenets!

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