May 29, 2020

Raising Money in the UK v the US

I’ve used versions of these words in several emails over the past couple of years, so decided to publish for posterity.

If you seek to raise money based on what you have … then the investment you get will be a percentage of that which you have.


If you sell the imagination, the vision, the people, the team, the possible … then the investment and associated valuation will be a percentage of that dream.


You just have to work out how to deliver that dream, how you quantify it, what journey you take to get you there and just how much of that dream you are prepared to give away in return for the money to make the dream happen.

To Help You Think About That

Why Killer Products Don’t Sell is a book written by a long time friend of mine - Dominic Rowsell and his partner in crime - Ian Gotts.

The book in some ways lays out how to deliver on that thinking.

When I read the first draft, I described it to Dom as ‘Crossing The Chasm For Sales’ ….. which you will see has become a tent pole in how the book works.

About The Book - According To Amazon

“Coming from conversations with executive teams of technology companies, venture capitalists, and M&A advisers, the insights contained in Why Killer Products Don’t Sell are gold dust. First the book lays bare the claim that sales is sales is sales. It exposes the 4 very different ‘Buying Cultures’ and how they should be approached: Value Offered, Value Added, Value Created, and Value Captured. But it also gives a proven methodology for assessing a company’s product mix (‘offering’ vs ‘buying culture’), and a transformation approach to optimize sales and improve competitiveness.”

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