December 14, 2021


There is so much to remember as part of the new process. It isn’t something you just leave to the doctor. For a start there are so many of them … so no single ‘system of record’. Doctors Oncology and Radiation Chemotherapy Dentist Hearing Nutrition Speech Therapy

… and that’s the official ones - without getting into the ‘alternatives’:

Holistic care Massage Accupuncture Osteopath Naturopath Aromatherapy Touch Color therapy Crystals Light therapy

I’m not particularly driven by any of them


Alt Care

Regularity Discipline Routine Consistency Persistence

Failure cannot withstand persistence

Preparation dentist Mouth washes - bicarbonate of soda as saline Tooth paste .. high fluoride

Person Hygiene Moisturiser Creams Nails

Healthcare Process .. temperature

Records … records diet Record pills Record calorific intake Record weight

The Hidden In Plain Sight blog was around for a year - and has now been archived here. This post/link was half-written and ready to go on the original blog - but somehow it never made it. Just catching up on the backlog!

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