January 5, 2020

People: Kevin


“Me? I’m from England … you’ve heard of the ‘Garden of England’?“

“I have - Kent right?”

“That’s the one - and every garden needs a compost heap - that’s the town I’m from, so my girlfriend and I sold everything we had, bought a couple of tickets and here we are.”

Kevin went on to tell me that he moved here because he had friends in the country and they spoke well of all they found. Recognizing that their options couldn’t be worse, they just did it. Where they work is thousands of miles from family and hundreds of miles from any of their ‘local’ friends but they’d both got jobs at the same place … so it was a ‘no brainer’, although he’d been working there twice as long as his girlfriend.

“She started today. Me? I started yesterday.”

Kevin and his girlfriend broke the chain of their ‘destiny’ and created their own opportunity. They don’t know how it will all work out … but if it doesn’t, they’ll just do it all again.

“No point in waiting for things to happen is there?”

You don’t stumble upon your heritage. It’s there, just waiting to be explored and shared.

Robbie Robertson

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