May 20, 2018

People: Jeff and Emma

Jeff had worked in Somerset for 4 years. Emma’s mother was born in England. Now they lived in America. Together.

We found ourselves talking over a couple of brews about the benefits of America over the UK. That with the current uncertainty of America, where would we rather be? More importantly, what would we do if the US continued this way after November of this year.

We agreed that the UK probably wasn’t the solution.

“It is of course perfectly natural to assume that everyone else is having a far more exciting time than you. Human beings, for instance, have a phrase that describes this phenomenon, ‘The other man’s grass is always greener.” The Shaltanac race of Broopkidren 13 had a similar phrase, but since their planet is somewhat eccentric, botanically speaking, the best they could manage was, ’The other Shaltanac’s joopleberry shrub is always a more mauvy shade of pinky-russet.’ And so the expression soon fell into disuse, and the Shaltanacs had little option but to become terribly happy and contented with their lot, much to the surprise of everyone else in the Galaxy who had not realized that the best way not to be unhappy is not to have a word for it.”

💬 Douglas Adams

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