June 25, 2018

People: Brad

people-first-storiesBrad studied and graduated in Aerodynamics and then went on to work in Florida, before moving to Virginia as an Aeronautical Engineer. And then he ‘had the rug pulled out from under him’. I assumed that he was the casualty of some corporate down-sizing or reorganization, but no…

“I met a girl, and then she said ‘Hi’.”

… and at a stroke, he started his life again, moving to the other side of the continent and then training as an actor and getting work over a period of many years. He naturally progressed to Director with his last production being mounted just two years ago - after he had started his novel which which was published in 2015. His engineering background directed the back drop for his SciFi novel where he explored a number of themes based in what Brad called ‘bleeding edge and real science’. Longevity was one of those themes. The book is set 400 years into the future, both Moon and Mars are colonized and people now routinely live to 200 years old and during that life-time they may have three or four careers. In Brad’s world, it is routine to qualify and work in one discipline and then start all over again in another, and another throughout life. I can’t help feeling that as an aeronautical engineer-come-actor-come-director-come-writer - not to mention quite a few other ‘careers’ as part of his life’s journey that the book was perhaps semi-autobiographical.

”There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”

Aldous Huxley

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