March 10, 2021



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Someone once said it was their first love … and probably their last! I know what they mean.

There are two aspects of the Music category on this blog.

‘inspirational’ and ‘gorgeous’.

I find some of the best music really does fit into both - but the subtlety of the distinction in this case can be described as follows.


There is an of these songs that drive you. Hit your heart. Make you sit up and realise just how much good there is out there. Not my idea - someone mentioned to me that I should do this - quoting songs like ‘We Are The Champions’ …. I like the idea - I did not like the song suggestion.


Funny, as you dive into the Headspace and Calm worlds … soft rolling tracks that are designed to relax you seem to be the 🎼 they drift towards.

Yoga/Massage businesses tend to utilise similar music that I generally reference as ‘New Age’ … a genre that I do not naturally gravitate towards. That said there are many albums I listen to that could fall into the category. Not sure that I can truly explain why some I absorb, where others I reject.

The point is that it got me to thinking. If I don’t want to fall into bland rolling ‘New Age’ music … what would I listen to?

Turns out, in my collection there are a number of artists that for me that allow the gentle passage of sounds to massage my ears. I will document them under a new category … which I have rather creatively called ‘Music’.

So far I have counted

Nils Frahm



Tangerine Dream

(Each link takes you to a new post)

Curiously, all of them have at least Germanic influence, if in fact all of the involved artists are not German. No idea why.

See the full list of all the music posts here.

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