March 25, 2022

It’s A Pattern


In my book ‘For Business Leaders Slapped In The Face By A World They Thought They Knew’, I referenced an organization called ‘The Prout Institute’.

It came to mind as I watched this relatively unwatched (in the big scheme of things) video.

Andrew Pancholi is definitely an interesting man.

It’s a 2022 video - but predates the invasion of Ukraine, though not the build-up with the result that we have an immediate feedback loop on some aspects of how right or wrong his thinking is. (He seems to be right.)

The talk is only 35 minutes or so of the nearly 1-hour video (the rest is a Q and A) - and touched on many topics including China’s penetration into the world that Peter Frankopan - amongst others - wrote about in his 2018 book The New Silk Roads. (The Guardian). An excellent book that if the future of the world is interesting to you, this book should be either on your bookshelf - or (as in my case) in your iPad.

There is part of me that questions the pattern making ‘proofs’. Kind of like the ley lines of England … that are in the canons of ‘lost knowledge’. If you are loose enough with definitions and correlations then yes - everything is going to align.

Still, for all of that, it’s a good 35 minute listen - and it gets harder to say that as each day passes.

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