April 8, 2021



Photo Credit : Mika Baumeister

No - not those issues!

Not sure I mentioned this before - but the complexity of my situation is increased by;

  1. Visa Issues ( I was only meant to be ‘passing through’ when I first arrived here - and then COVID … and just as it all started settling down … this happened … enter immigration lawyers!
  2. Coverage Issues ( I don’t have coverage in this country because I am a visitor)
  3. Banking Issues ( I’m a visitor - why would I have needed a bank account?)
  4. Planning Issues ( I don’t expect this to all go wrong - but it might. So what state are the wills and trusts? … Spoiler alert … not good.

Follow the link in each for commentary on each. (Links not yet in place - will fill them in as I find time.)

See my other Commentary here.

Commentary hidden.in.plain.sight

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