April 2, 2019

Is The ‘News’ In ‘Apple News’ A Misnomer?

“As I said, it’s early days still. If you are into magazines, the value is clear. If you are looking for breaking news, or want a highly tunable experience, stay tuned.”

Dave Mark

The Full Story

My Thoughts

Despite it’s name, I have never viewed Apple News as being the place for ‘News’ … at least not ‘current News’. That said I have long separated the idea of ‘commodity news’ from ‘post news analysis’ . I believe that ‘the news’ that a plane crashes is something everybody will cover. Not paying for it. But why it crashed it. If some Wall Street ‘king pin’ dies - some will cover it - others won’t … it is likely not of broad interest. Magazines have never been my source for time dependent news. BUT they do fit into my ‘news analysis’, ‘long form reads; and ‘interesting things I didn’t know’ categories … not to mention that good magazines do attract good writers and are therefore a good source of quality material.


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