March 9, 2021

Hidden In Plain Sight


Photo Credit : Jakayla Toney Best estimate is that this problem has been building up in my throat for (likely) over two years.

In that time, the tumour has had time to get settled, even established. I recall having odd issues with swallowing / digestion of pasta and bread at that time but wrote it off as a little ‘acid reflux’ and it never really came back .. so under the management scheme of ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ … it didn’t seem it was - so I didn’t.

And who knows if it was/is connected.

That said, two years sitting in there not doing anything, no visibility … it’s down my throat - so until I developed some mouth ulcers and one if my lymph nodes was swollen … well, nothing really.

That’s where the name of this site comes from. The site isn’t about me, nor my specific cancer. It’s about all of us and all cancers. What we can do. What we do do. When the unexpected slaps us in the face, even though it is generally …

‘Hidden In Plain Sight.’

See my other Commentary here.


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